Art Direction & Animation

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Art Direction & Animation

ESPN PGA Championship

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Studio: SPILLT

Executive Producer: Kate Swift

Creative Director: Ed Rhine

Art Direction: Miles Petrock

Concept: Jordan Bergren

Design: Jordan Bergren, Miles Petrock

Animation: Miles Petrock

Editorial: Herman Nieuwoudt

By the time the PGA Championships rolled around, so much was changing and shifting in the professional golf landscape. Players and fans alike were uncertain of what was going to come as the season progressed. Spillt partnered with ESPN and the PGA to give the fans what they wanted, that feeling of suspense, excitement and nostalgia that comes from following the tour throughout the season and over the years. Tasked to create a seamless graphic package that would highlight the most iconic moments in golf history. Our designer, Jordan, landed on an approach with a strong graphical treatment that leaned on heavy type and dynamic compositions. To complement this design, quick yet smooth motions was used when moving into animation. This allowed the editor to keep the energy up, while keeping the heart of the story uncluttered. Enjoy!

Design & Process Frames

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Alternate Designs

Some frames and concepts that never made it.
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