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Art Direction & Animation

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TEDx Sydney

Art Direction & Animation


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Studio: SPILLT

Executive Producer: Kate Swift

Creative Director: Ed Rhine

Concept Development: Miles Petrock

Art Direction: Miles Petrock

Design: Miles Petrock, Hollee Winans, Jon Drobil, Samantha Mireles

Animation: Miles Petrock, Hollee Winans, Jon Drobil, Samantha Mireles

Sounds Design: Sono Sanctus

TEDx: PERCEPTION is a fantastic showcase of Motion talent from around the world. While working at Spillt, I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside some of the best studios in the world to add our own vision to this unique storyline. The team at Spillt wanted viewers to have a moment, to more deeply consider the true nature of the universe and put aside the reality we perceive every day. We accomplished this task by playing with the contrast between a flat illustration and a three-dimensional environment. This creative approach can be seen at the beginning of the sequence as we transition through the eye and into the vast environment of three-dimensional primitive objects. This contrast provides a moment of surprise that continues into each transition. With each transition, we dive deeper, adding more detail and abstractions. As we end our section, we make our way back to our two-dimensional world, knowing what makes our reality is more interesting than we may have once thought.

Design & Process Frames

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Alternate Designs

Some frames and concepts that never made it.
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